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Are you dressed correctly for that special occassion - What to wear
Evening Wear should always be elegant sometimes exotic and occasionally erotic.
Suggestions for correct accessories to wear with formal attire both for day and evening occasions.
Are you dressed correctly for that special occassion - What to wear

Evening Wear with tail coat - White Tie

Shirt - To be white with stiff wing collar, stiff or semi-stiff front and cuffs. The laid-on front of the shirt to be a plain fabric polished to shine or a marcella pique sometimes called “bird's eye” or “golf ball” pique. The cuffs which are single to be made from the same fabric as the front. The front of the shirt is closed with dress studs, in white or gold. The cuff to be closed with cuff links.

Bow tie - The tie is made from white marcella pique either ready-tied or to-tie. It is essential to ensure that the tie when worn shows no unnecessary buckles, clips or elastic. The span of the bow tie should equal the span of the wing collar and the depth of the bow tie should be approximate to the collar. Black bow ties are not worn with full evening dress except by head waiters and similar staff.

Waistcoat - To be made from the white marcella pique, single breasted with lapels and 3 button front. In wear the waistcoat should appear slightly proud of the cut-away jacket. The waistcoat is normally backless but some tailor-made white waistcoats have full backs .

Socks - To be black silk or fine cotton.

Shoes - Black patent leather lace-up or slip on.

Handkerchief - White or black silk in breast pocket if required.

Scarf - White silk with a knotted fringe

Are you dressed correctly for that special occassion - What to wear Evening Wear with Dinner Suit/Tuxedo - Black Tie

Shirt - A wide variety of shirts can be worn with a dinner jacket from a plain silk in natural shade through to pleated fronted shirt to shirt with frills and embroideries on the front. Colours are also acceptable. It is very much up to the individual choice. The only advice that can be given is that formal receptions and dinners a conservative style such as a pleated front or marcella pique front are most suitable. Collars can be either wing or turn-down. Cuffs should always be double. White tuxedo jackets are sometimes worn in this country although they originated, and should really be worn, in equatorial climate. They are not suitable for a very formal functions. Black shirts look particularly good with a white tuxedo jackets as long as the lining of the jacket is thick enough so that the black of the shirt does not show through. Black dress studs rather than buttons are currently fashionable for the front of dress shirts but if buttons are used they are normally hidden by a fly front.  

Bow tie - For a very formal occasions and always acceptable in any company are black silk bows, sometimes with a little interest in the fabric either in barathea, satin or with moire or shantung finishes. For more lively occasions anything goes, black and white spotted bows with matching cummerbunds are an example, so are plain silk bows and cummerbunds in a wide variety of colours. The size of the bow is at the wearer's discretion but care must be taken to ensure that the fittings of the bow are correct for wear with a wing collared shirt. The bow can be ready-tied or to-tie. Long ties are never worn with a Dinner Jacket.

Cummerbund - Should be pleated. Normally the cummerbund matches the bow. Although not a necessary accessory it adds to the smartness and makes a clean finish between shirt and trouser top. The wearing of a cummerbund or waistcoat should be encouraged when wearing shirts with laid-on fronts so that the bottom of the front shirt panel does not show above the top of the trouser band.

Waistcoats - For very formal occasions the waistcoat can either be made from a similar fabric to the suit or from a black or black design satin or velvet. For less formal occasions where the customer prefers a waistcoat to a cummerbund then any fancy design in satin moire or brocade is acceptable either with a black tie or one to match the waistcoat.

Socks - Silk or fine cotton

Shoes - Patent black leather, lace up or slip on

Handkerchief - White silk or a design to match bow ties and cummerbund

Scarf - White silk with a fringe

Fun back dress shirts are popular with those who like a sense of adventure. When worn with a jacket the shirt appears to be formal but as the evening develops and the jacket is removed the flamboyant design is exposed. The Fun back dress shirt is popular with the armed forces.
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