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La Valiere branded evening shirts by Wessex are finished and made to the highest standards as are the accessories such as bows, cummerbunds and waistcoats and accessories.

The name La Valiere comes from Louise de Lavalliere the mistress of King Louis XIV of France with whom he had two children

When Louise de Lavalliere appeared in court in the 17th Century she usually wore a wide ribbon tied around her neck. The neck tie was adopted by the women in court and the accessory became known as the Lavalliere. In time the accessory evolved into a bow tie.

The La Valiere brand was created and registered in 1968 by Ancker Strouck in Paris who wanted to develop the brand as a sign of quality.

The La Valiere brand continues to be the marque of high quality and good taste.

The motto of the La Valiere brand is TRADITION & PRIDE 

The wedding collection has a European flavour using the very best silks and polyesters in the waistcoats and accessories.

One area of specialism where Wessex is now preeminent is in the manufacture and supply of starched collars and the company supplies all parts of the world and all markets where the quality of the glaze finish is vital. Customers include the British House of Lords, The High Courts and Eton College and theatres and film companies across the world.

is managed by a dedicated team headed by Jan & Andrew Furzer with many years experience in the formal wear business working with the original Frederick Theak when it was based in Taunton. The brand is being supplied to a global market and they believe the success of its business is based not only on the exceptional quality of its products but also on the individual service.

Wessex only supplies the trade however if any member of the public is interested in any of products we will be happy to direct to the nearest stockist in any of the countries we supply

 The necktie can be tied to suit the wearer’s character, it is elegant but casual. The necktie was worn by men and women.  


About Us

“The Harvey Ashton brand is owned by Wessex Formal Wear and the label is available for products where the La Valiere name is not suitable and where customers do not have their own labels.

The Harvey Ashton brand can only be used as a special make option for accessories, dress shirts, formal shirts and tunic shirts.

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